Posted by Imperator on March 28th, 2013

U.S. Black Metal band Woe have made another song from their upcoming album available for streaming online.

Another Woe song streaming online

U.S. Black Metal band Woe are preparing for the release of their upcoming album, which is titled "Withdrawal" and scheduled to be released in Europe on the 22nd of April through Candlelight Records, with a North American release date set for the following day. One of the songs from the new album, titled "Exhausted", is available for streaming here.

The complete track list for the new album is as follows:

  1. This is the End of the Story
  2. Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth
  3. All Bridges Burned
  4. Ceaseless Jaws
  5. Song of My Undoing
  6. Exhausted
  7. Withdrawal

The song "Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of Truth" was already made available for streaming online here last month.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the new album. Woe's previous albums, A Spell for the Death of Man and Quietly, Undramatically, are available on

Source: Stereogum

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