Any suggestions?

Posted by Imperator on 27th July, 2012

The new version of has been online for a couple of months now, however feedback on the new design and functionality, while universally positive, has been minimal. In order to keep everyone satisfied and make sure we are doing everything we can to bring you 100% quality while you check out new Black Metal albums and the latest news, we are asking everyone who clicks on this news item to tell us:

- What do you like about the site, and what do you hate about it?
- What site functionality features would you like to be included in the next version?
- Do you like the red theme, or would you change it to another colour?
- Etc...

Keep in mind that this site is a personal project that was hand crafted from an empty folder, and therefore it doesn't come with all the inherent apps and gadgets that come included with crappy bloated platforms such as Wordpress or Blogger. The good news about this is that there are no restrictions as to what is possible. We are currently working on a Newsletter.

3 Comments for 'Any suggestions?'
#1 - By Rodion on 27th July, 2012 @ 19:44 GMT

I really love this site. It is rare to see something so well organized in such a very specific theme.

I like the theme and the informativeness of the site.

Perhaps an easier rating system for albums would be good.

And maybe some way of linking your youtube best tracks to the corresponding albums here

#2 - By Inkvlto on 28th July, 2012 @ 7:02 GMT

Certainly there's nothing I hate about this site, not even something I do not like. The reviews are what I'm particularly interested in. And you've done a pretty good job so far. You even take the time to write which albums sound similar to one in particularly and a resume of the review itself. That's a great fuckin plus.

The theme looks perfect. The whole look of the site it's nice. No need to change it, in my opinion.

As for features, maybe the addition of lyrics to the respective album could fit well.

Keep up the good work you've made so far \m/ Fuckin hails from México!

#3 - By Imperator on 1st August, 2012 @ 3:06 GMT

Thank you Rodion and Inkvlto for your feedback!

We are currently working on a system to link each album with it's corresponding song on our YouTube channel, and will soon add a news item when it's all up and running.We are aware that the rating system may be confusing and have added it to our checklist for future versions.

As for the lyrics, at the moment we are not planning on including each album's lyrics due to time constraints, but we will certainly consider it for future versions.

Thank you!

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