Posted by Imperator on January 30th, 2013
Burning Cross release concept album

German Black Metal band Burning Cross have recently released a new album on the 12th of January titled "End of Illusion" which has been recorded in a more "authentic" manner than is usually expected these days.

The band explains:

"The record deals with the often in this scene discussed topic of the final revolt of Black Metal against the ruling society. Worldwide, united, brutal and ruthless. Be it in the struggle against the western pseudo-democracies, the Christian authorities in Europe or the religious fanaticism in the Middle East. Everything is pulped.

To create an authentic rough timbre, Burning Cross has recorded the album quite traditional. Live, in one piece and with only one room mic. 'End of Illusion' is constantly accompanied with ambient sounds and sound effects to enhance the atmosphere and give the listener the feeling of being live at the end of illusion.

For creating the same moods during playing live, Burning Cross plays the entire album on the stage exactly as shown on the record. In one piece, without rest and including the whole soundscape."

The full track list for the new album is as follows:

  1. Worst of all Releases
  2. Missionary Antichrist
  3. Stirb Aufrecht
  4. Antichristian Revolution
  5. Störangriff
  6. Mickey Mouse
  7. The Burning Cross
  8. Victorious March
  9. Grabenkrieg
  10. Melancholia

Here is a more detailed look at the album's cover art:

burning cross end of illusion

The songs "Störangriff", "Anticulture Revolution" and "The Burning Cross" are available for streaming online at the band's Myspace profile.

Further information regarding End of Illusion and upcoming concerts can be found at the band's Facebook profile.

Source: Burning Cross
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