Posted by Imperator on April 22nd, 2017

Another small update, in preparation for some larger changes further down the road.

General changes:

  • Data integrity check.
  • New awards section.

Minor changes:

  • Removed social network sharing links from header.
  • Added Latest Reviews sidebox.
  • Converted Classic and Editor's Choice lists into standalone pages.
  • Reworked reviews section and improved page load time.
  • Adjusted design on menu, news navigation and comments section.
  • Side-art will only appear if an album has 3 awards or more.
  • Second set of affiliate links will only appear when an album has a review.
  • Clicking on an album cover will no longer redirect to an affiliate link.
  • Replaced lower select from category pages with total results label.
  • Reduced refresh delay on random album and recommended albums.
  • Rewritten labels, messages and FAQ.
  • Moved album length under track list.
  • Shortened "United States of America" to "United States".
  • Svalbard is now treated as a separate country.
  • The search engine will now only match complete words (i.e: "atom" will no longer return matches for "anatomy").

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an error when switching themes on the Newsletter signup page.
  • Fixed rank position and award bug on album detail.
  • Fixed "the" country prefix bug in metatag description.
  • Fixed newsletter signup / news search style inconsistencies.
  • Fixed incorrect review dates being displayed.
  • Fixed missing arrow for sorting by review date.
  • Fixed bug where user search statistics were including some search engine hits.
  • Poll results within news items are now displayed correctly.
  • User comments are no longer sometimes accidentally duplicated.
  • Searching for "dead?" or "dead" will now both work.
  • Searching for "yog sothoth" or "yog-sothoth" will now both work.
  • Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Guam, Malta, Monaco and Reunion Island now appear on the map.
  • Vrag (AUS) / Vrag (HUN), Hailstorm (FIN) / Hailstorm (DEU) and Aradia (COL) / Aradia (MYS) are now properly differentiated.

As always, if you notice any issues on the site, contact us.


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