Posted by PeaceThroughAnarchy on 28th May, 2021 @ 08:36 UTC

This is one of the earliest documentaries about BM which didn't just criticize it and shifted the focus from controversies towards the music itself.

at some points it's fuckin' hillarious (some may even call it Cringy) but it's really really cool and also includes Bands like Ancient RitesBelgium, EnthronedBelgium, and dark FuneralSweden.

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‹‹ #1 ›› By HordalandImperator on 28th May, 2021 @ 17:50 UTC -

Cheers. Enthroned are one of my favourite bands of all time.

I can't believe it's been over a year now since I last went to any live show.

‹‹ #2 ›› By IranPeaceThroughAnarchy on 28th May, 2021 @ 19:12 UTC -

Enthroned Kicks some serious Musical Ass!

They never Made a bad album. and i've heard alot about their live shows.

Mini Trivia: Did you know that this bands Brain and lead guitarist (Nornagest) is Cronos's (From Venom) Cousin?

‹‹ #3 ›› By HordalandImperator on 29th May, 2021 @ 01:39 UTC -

haha, yeah I remember reading that somewhere years ago, but had totally forgotten about it

‹‹ #4 ›› By HordalandImperator on 2nd Jun, 2021 @ 23:10 UTC -

Also reminds me I didn't check out Enthroned's last couple of albums yet

‹‹ #5 ›› By QuebecWarblackmetal666 on 14th Jun, 2021 @ 21:59 UTC -

In my opinion, Cold Black Suns is THE best enthroned album. Completely different to the early stuff. You have to listen to it.

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