Lunar Aurora - Andacht
3.Dunkler Mann
5.Der Pakt
6.Das Ende
Length: 54:03


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Lunar Aurora

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Review for 'Lunar Aurora - Andacht'

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11 Comments for 'Lunar Aurora - Andacht'

‹‹ #1 ›› By Karrion on Oct 15th, 2012 @ 11:38 GMT

album of the decade

‹‹ #2 ›› By Jera on Jan 9th, 2013 @ 16:18 GMT

Everything is mixed so perfectly on this album. Defiantly set the bar high with this one. Now if only other great black metal albums where mixed this good. .

‹‹ #3 ›› By Kristallnacht on Mar 13th, 2013 @ 19:59 GMT

Very moving, and powerful. sometimes even when the guitars, voice and drums all collide and reach their climax, it sounds almost as if you were tapping in to a whole new dimension of awe and wonder

‹‹ #4 ›› By antibacchius on Jun 27th, 2013 @ 11:33 GMT

Lunar Aurora's opus magnum, absolutely flawless.

‹‹ #5 ›› By Morbid_Child on Apr 12th, 2015 @ 21:21 GMT

I just cry each time I listen to this album.very unique and special.I just hope I find more albums like this but I doubt it.

‹‹ #6 ›› By Glauber on Jan 13th, 2016 @ 1:44 GMT

I think it is almost impossible to fans of the genre not like this album...

This is perfect... More than 11 years have passed and there is nothing that can level up to this!

‹‹ #7 ›› By Klang on Jan 28th, 2016 @ 8:30 GMT

Genius , as uplifting as fuck too .

‹‹ #8 ›› By Maxdur on Oct 8th, 2016 @ 12:21 GMT

What a mindblowing peace of music!!!

‹‹ #9 ›› By fwsh on Dec 14th, 2020 @ 13:35 GMT

I remember when I heard Lunar Aurora for the first time.
It was their Elixir of sorrow LP which happened to be my 1# atmosynthblackmetal.
Their two next albums Zyklus and Mond didnt do it for me...

But then Andacht came out...
and its song Findling... I was speechless.
One of my favourite bands and albums for sure.

‹‹ #10 ›› By Harry on Feb 15th, 2021 @ 0:36 GMT

Truly fascinating, a masterpiece!

‹‹ #11 ›› By Big_Fox on Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 21:32 GMT

It's a belter, obviously, but honestly? The mix let's this album down a little for me.

The psalm-like chanting, creaky ships on open seas, the synths, the whooshy FX and samples galore are just too much and too prominent.

It's not like they hide the meticulously taut, polished and well executed German black underneath, but for me, they interfere; like someone talking in your ear while you're watching a movie.

It's atmospheric black, I know, but the atmosphere feels a little forced to me, layered in, rather than deftly swirled à la Ruins Of Beverast.

I know this is a fantastic album, that's very plain to my ears, but I don't find it to be a compelling one. I'm never gagging to listen to this.

It's an issue I run into with a few Lunar Aurora albums, except for 'Mond' which is easily my favourite.

I'd still recommend this album to anyone wholeheartedly, it just ain't for me.

If you feel the same way, go listen to 'Mond'. Beast.

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