Posted by Imperator on November 14th, 2012
New Destruction video online

Destruction are scheduled to be releasing what will be their 13th full length album, titled "Spiritual Genocide", on the 23rd of November through their label Nuclear Blast, and leading up to the album's release the band has made a music video for the song "Carnivore" which is available on the official YouTube channel of Metal Hammer:

The new album will mark the band's 30th anniversary, and the tracklist is as follows:

  1. Exordium
  2. Cyanide
  3. Spiritual Genocide
  4. Renegades
  5. City of Doom
  6. Legacy of the Past
  7. To Dust You Will Decay
  8. Carnivore
  9. No Signs of Repentance
  10. Riot Squad
  11. Under Violent Sledge
  12. Princess of the Night (Limited edition only)
  13. Carnivore (Alternative version - Limited edition only)

Destruction formed in 1982 in Weil am Rhein, Germany with Tommy Sandmann on drums, Mike Sifringer on guitars, and Marcel Schirmer as bassist and vocalist. They are considered one of the three "Teutonic Thrash" kings that pioneered the German extreme metal scene, together with Sodom and Kreator who formed in 1981 and 1982 respectively.

All three bands would play an important role in influencing both Black Metal and Death Metal, and all three remain active to this day. Some of Destruction's most revered and influential works include the band's first two albums, "Infernal Overkill" and "Eternal Devastation".

Destruction - Spiritual Genocide is now available for pre-order on in both audio CD and vinyl formats.

Source: Metal Hammer
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#1 By Fandango on Nov 15th, 2012 @ 10:17 GMT

hail destruction!!

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