Posted by Imperator on 14th February, 2013

New Thyrfing song streaming online

Swedish Black Metal band Thyrfing will be releasing their next album, titled "De Ödeslösa", on the 1st of March through NoiseArt Records. The album will mark the band's seventh full length studio recording, and their first release in five years since their 2008 album, "Hels ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 14th February, 2013

Nattferd instrumental EP out now

Underground U.S. Black Metal project Nattferd is due to release new material today in the form of an instrumental EP, which is titled "Journey Through a Path in the Woods". The EP will be released through Eternal Frost Records, which is run and owned by Nattferd's sole member, ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 14th February, 2013

New Seeds of Iblis EP out now

Iraqi Black Metal band Seeds of Iblis have been working hard over the last year, because not only are they due to be releasing their debut full length album "Anti Quran Rituals" on the 22nd of February, but they have also prepared a stand-alone EP titled "The Black ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 14th February, 2013

New Woe song streaming online

U.S. Black Metal band Woe are currently finishing work on their upcoming album, which is titled "Withdrawal", and scheduled to be released in Europe on the 22nd of April through Candlelight Records, with a North American release date set for the following day. This will mark the ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 8th February, 2013

New Crest of Darkness song online

Norwegian Black Metal band Crest of Darkness are scheduled to release what will be their sixth full length album on the 25th of February. The upcoming album is titled "In the Presence of Death", and will be released through Italian label My Kingdom Music, who also handled the ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 8th February, 2013

Catamenia compilation out now

Finnish Melodic Black / Death Metal band Catamenia have come a long way since they began in 1995, gradually becoming one of Finland's most popular extreme metal bands. Today they are scheduled to release a digital compilation album which is simply titled "The Best of Catamenia", ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 8th February, 2013

Sodom reveal album details

German Thrash legends Sodom played a key role in the early years of the Black Metal scene, influencing an endless array of bands with their distinctive brand of Teutonic Black / Thrash Metal in the early 80's together with fellow Germans Kreator and Destruction. Because of this, we think ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 8th February, 2013

New Spektr album out now

French Industrial / Ambient Black Metal band Spektr have just released their latest full length album. The new album is titled "Cypher", and was released in Europe through Agonia Records on the 5th of February, with a North American release date set for the 19th of February. This ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 8th February, 2013

New Carach Angren video online

Dutch Symphonic Black Metal band Carach Angren have recently produced a music video for the song "The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist", the fourth track from their most recent album "Where the Corpses Sink Forever", which was released back in May 2012. The video has been ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 1st February, 2013

Debut Kirkebrann album out now

Norwegian Black Metal band Kirkebrann are due to release their debut full length album today, which is titled "Når Alt Dør". The album has been released through Mexican label Blackcrowned Records, and features the following tracklist: Introduction Incoming Ensomt Og Glemt Et Land ... [+]

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