Posted by Imperator on 27th March, 2013

New Valfeanor album out now

Austrian Atmospheric Black Metal band Valfeanor have just released their third full length recording. The album is titled "The Eerie Constellation", and was released on the 25th of March through Austrian label Cursed Records. The album features the following tracklist: Interlude ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 27th March, 2013

Shade Empire reveal album details

Finnish Industrial / Epic Black Metal band Shade Empire have recently revealed the final details regarding their upcoming full length album. The new album is titled "Omega Arcane", and will mark the band's fourth full length and also their first release of any kind in five years. ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 27th March, 2013

Suidakra reveal album details

German Pagan / Folk Black Metal band Suidakra will be releasing their 11th full length album on the 24th of May, the complete details of which are now available after the band recently published the album's cover art: "Eternal Defiance" will be released by German label AFM ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 19th March, 2013

In case anyone has been trying to use our contribution form lately, you will have no doubt encountered some ugly errors that prevented the page from loading. Unfortunately, this error had been occurring for several weeks, and we only investigated it after thinking that the lack of recent ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 19th March, 2013

Kvelertak album streaming online

Norwegian Black 'n' Roll band Kvelertak will soon be releasing their second full length album, which is titled "Meir", on the 26th of March through Roadrunner Records. The album has been made available for streaming online in its entirety at the following locations: - Stereogum - ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 19th March, 2013

New Imperium Dekadenz album streaming online

German Black Metal band Imperium Dekadenz have finally released their latest full length album, which is titled "Meadows of Nostalgia". The album was released on the 15th of March through Season of Mist, and marks the band's fourth full length, following their 2010 album ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 19th March, 2013

New October Falls album out now

Finnish Folk / Atmospheric Black Metal band October Falls have recently released their fourth full length album. The new album is titled "The Plague of a Coming Age", and it was released through French label Debemur Morti Productions on the 15th of March. The complete track list ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 19th March, 2013

New Wardruna album out now

Norwegian Folk / Ambient project Wardruna, notable within the Black Metal community for featuring ex-Gorgoroth members Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik and Kristian "Gaahl" Espedal, have just released their second full length album. The album is titled "Runaljod - ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 18th March, 2013

Arroganz release new full length

German Black / Death Metal band Arroganz have unleashed their latest full length album this week. On the 13th of March, "kaos.kult.kreation" was released, marking the band's second full length, following their 2011 debut "Dark and Deathless". The album was released ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 18th March, 2013

Debut Death Tyrant album out now

Swedish Black / Death Metal band Death Tyrant have just released their debut full length, which is titled "Opus De Tyranis". The debut was released through Dutch label Non Serviam Records, and features the following tracklist: The Awakening of Sleeping Gods Pandemonium Ixion The ... [+]

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