Posted by Imperator on March 18th, 2013

Arroganz release new full length

German Black / Death Metal band Arroganz have unleashed their latest full length album this week. On the 13th of March, "kaos.kult.kreation" was released, marking the band's second full length, following their 2011 debut "Dark and Deathless". The album was released through German label Blacksmith Records.

The track list for the album is as follows:

Blood Ceremony Mankind is a Dying Whore Ghost of the Wolf kaos.kult.kreation Crush Their Temple Through Nightmares into Black Beyond Slavery Spirits Bleed Verderber Demand the Dark Praise the Kult

The band produced a music video for the ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 18th, 2013

New Wintarnaht album out now

German Pagan Black Metal band Wintarnaht have released a new album this week, titled "Tôdhên Uoþal", marking their second full length release and following their 2010 debut, "Pestilenz". The album was released on the 15th of March through German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions. The band's only other releases to date are a demo from 2007 titled "Rache", and a split album with fellow Germans Trollzorn.

Recording work began on the album as early as 2010, although the mastering wasn't complete until January 2013. The album marks a milestone of sorts, as according to the band, "Tôdhên Uoþal" ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 18th, 2013

Ov Hollowness release new album

Canadian Ambient Black Metal solo project Ov Hollowness has released a brand new full length album today, which is titled "The World Ends". The album is the third full length by Ov Hollowness, and the first to be released through Italian label Code 666 Records.

The album features the following track list:

Abstraction Grey Hoarfrost An End Ov The World Ends Lost Resolve Hollow End in View Outro

The track "Hoarfrost" is streaming exclusively at this location.

And here is a closer look at the album's impressive cover art:

Ov Hollowness - The World Ends is now available on [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 18th, 2013

New Batillus album out now

U.S. Blackened Doom Metal band Batillus have just released their second full length album today. The new album is titled "Concrete Sustain" and follows the band's debut album, "Furnace", which was released in 2011. Both albums were released through U.S. label Seventh Rule Recordings.

"Concrete Sustain" clocks in at just under 37 minutes in length, and features the following track list:

Concrete Cast Beset Mirrors Rust Thorns

The album's opening track "Concrete" is available for streaming on the band's Bandcamp profile:

Batillus - Concrete Sustain is now available from [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 18th, 2013

Debut Death Tyrant album out now

Swedish Black / Death Metal band Death Tyrant have just released their debut full length, which is titled "Opus De Tyranis". The debut was released through Dutch label Non Serviam Records, and features the following tracklist:

The Awakening of Sleeping Gods Pandemonium Ixion The Fallen Kings of the Laphits Baphomet The End Impending Day of Wrath Tenebrae A Greater Alliance Wrath and Disgust

Leading up to the album's release, the tracks "The Awakening Of Sleeping Gods" and "The End" were made available on YouTube:

Death Tyrant was founded in 2010 by members of Swedish Black Metal ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 18th, 2013

Orakle studio report

French Black Metal band Orakle are currently working on a new full length album which is expected to be released at the fall of 2013. This will mark the band's third full length album. On the 7th of March, the band released a brief update on their official website regarding the album as well as a change in their line-up:

We are pleased to announce (at last!) the addition of guitarist Antoine 'Ohm' (also member of French thrash/death band K.A) to the band's now complete lineup. Welcome to him!

Despite this long time of silence, yes, we worked hard on a new album. Expect it to be released at the ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 11th, 2013

Taake 20th anniversary compilation out now

Legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Taake have just released a double disc compilation album this week, celebrating the band's 20th anniversary. The compilation album is titled "Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner", and has been released through Dark Essence Records.

The label commented the following on their official site:

Having started the band way back in 1993, main man Hoest will celebrate 20 years of staying true to his musical identity by releasing a 20-song, 2 CD collection of Taake rarities. The anniversary album will be released on Dark Essence Records on the 1st of March in Norway and the ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 11th, 2013

New Horna album out now

Finnish Black Metal veterans Horna have just unleashed their ninth full length album. The new album is titled "Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa", and was released on the 8th of March through German label World Terror Committee.

The track list for the new album is as follows:

Alku Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa Kunnia Herralle, Kuninkaalle Kuolema Kuoleman Jälkeen Yhdeksäs Portti Ei Aikaa Kyyneleille Kärsimyksin Vuoltu Hänen Valittuna Äänenään Aamutähden Pyhimys Pala Tai Palvele Ota Omaksesi, Luoksesi

The song "Yhdeksäs Portti" was made available for streaming online at the W.T.C. Productions ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 11th, 2013

Arckanum reveal album details

Swedish Black Metal band Arckanum will be releasing a brand new full length studio recording on the 10th of May, titled "Fenris Kindir", with a North American release date set for the 14th of May. "Fenris Kindir" will be released through Season of Mist, and will mark the band's eighth full length album, following "Helvítismyrkr" which was released in 2011.

The album features the following tracklist:

Fenris Kindir Gruá Tungls Tjúgari Dólgrinn Hatarnir Hamrami Fenris Gangr Vargøld Angrboða Úskepna Spell Sólbøls Sigr Lycanthropia (Necromantia cover - Bonus track)

Here is the cover ... [»]

Posted by Imperator on March 11th, 2013

Negură Bunget studio report

Romanian Pagan Black Metal band Negură Bunget have issued a couple of news updates on their official website regarding their progress on their upcoming EP and also some changes in their line-up.

As for the line-up changes, the band did not go into any specifics or drop any names:

The beginning of 2013 brings Negură Bunget on a highlighted evolution path. A significant development occurred within our line-up. We are pleased to announce we refined a new concept and approach towards our live and studio performances. At the center of the band there is a core of dedicated musicians involved in all ... [»]

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