Posted by Imperator on 1st March, 2013

New Chaos Invocation album out now

German Black Metal band Chaos Invocation have just released their second full length studio recording. The new album is titled "Black Mirror Hours", and has been released through German label World Terror Committee. The band's only other release is their 2009 debut full length, ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 28th February, 2013

New Crest of Darkness album out now

Norwegian Black Metal band Crest of Darkness have recently released their sixth full length album. The album is titled "In the Presence of Death", and was released on the 25th of February through Italian label My Kingdom Music, who also handled the release of the band's previous ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 28th February, 2013

Debut Barrabás album out now

Brazilian Black Metal band Barrabás have released their debut full length album this week. The album is titled "The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth" and was released on the 23rd of February through Brazilian label Nyarlathotep Records. Barrabás originally began in 1990, but split up in ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

Another October Falls song online

Finnish Folk / Atmospheric Black Metal band October Falls are scheduled to release what will be their fourth full length album through French label Debemur Morti Productions on the 15th of March. The new album is titled "The Plague of a Coming Age", and last month the label ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

New Ash Borer song online

U.S. Black Metal band Ash Borer are due to release a new EP on the 1st of March titled "Bloodlands", featuring 3 new songs that were recorded at a live studio recording session. The EP will be the band's first release since their 2012 full length, "Cold of Ages". ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

New Imperium Dekadenz song online

German Black Metal band Imperium Dekadenz will soon be releasing a new full length album, titled "Meadows of Nostalgia", on the 15th of March through Season of Mist. Leading up to the album's release, the band has made the song "Aura Silvae" available for listening on ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

New Agrypnie album out now

German Black Metal band Agrypnie are due to release their latest full length album today, which is titled "Aetas Cineris", latin for "Age of Ash". The album is to be released through German label Supreme Chaos Records who have also handled the release of all of ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

New Vreid album out now

Norwegian Black Metal band Vreid have finally released their much anticipated sixth full length album, which is titled "Welcome Farewell". The album has been officially released in Norway, Germany, Sweden and Austria today through Norwegian label Indie Recordings, while the rest ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

Debut Seeds of Iblis album out now

Possibly Iraq's most prominent yet mysterious Black Metal band, Seeds of Iblis have finally released their debut full length album, which is titled "Anti Quran Rituals". The album was released by U.S. label Unmerciful Death Productions, and leading up to the album's release the ... [+]

Posted by Imperator on 22nd February, 2013

New Luna Ad Noctum album out now

Polish Symphonic Black Metal band Luna Ad Noctum are due to be releasing a new full length album today, titled "Hypnotic Inferno". This marks the band's fourth full length studio recording, and their first release of any kind in seven years, following "The Perfect Evil in ... [+]

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