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Romanian Black Metal band Sorgnatt have released a full length album in tape format this week, and also a 7" vinyl EP which comes with a DVD.

Sorgnatt release an EP and a full length album

Romanian Black Metal band Sorgnatt have released new material this week in the form of a full length album in cassette format, and also an EP that is divided between a 7" vinyl and a DVD. Impressive! Both items were released on the 24th of March by Ancient Beliefs Productions.

The "One Path to Follow" EP is limited to 105 hand-numbered copies only, and has a duration of approximately 30 minutes. The gatefold artwork and additional music was provided by Abbildung. The tracklist is as follows:

Vinyl side A:

  1. Ravens Will Feast (On the Flesh of Mankind)

Vinyl side B:

  1. Nowhere to Turn
  2. One Path to Follow
  3. Dark Aum (Outro Cut)


  1. Nowhere to Turn (Videoclip)
  2. One Path (Mashup)
  3. Dark Aum (Remix by Abbildung)

Extras: Transylvanian forests and landscape photo gallery

You can view a promotional trailer for the EP here:

The other release, titled "Stillness", is Sorgnatt's debut full-length and comes on demo tape format, containing approximately 42 minutes of atmospheric, depressive Black Metal and Dark Ambient. The cover art depicts a Transylvanian landscape and the Cisnadioara Castle near Sibiu, the band's home town. The tracklist is the following:

Side A:

  1. Intro
  2. Ravens Will Feast
  3. Into the Depths of Your Depressive Hell

Side B:

  1. Isolated and Detached, Descending Thoughts
  2. Nowhere to Turn
  3. Suspended in Stillness

For more information, please visit the following websites:

- www. Sorgnatt. Com
- www. Ancientbeliefs. Ro
- www. Essentiamundi. Com
- www. Abbildung. Ro

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