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Lohengrin Productions / Merchants of Death have started the pre-order for two unreleased Burzum / Uruk-Hai vinyls.

Unreleased Burzum material on vinyl

A couple of years ago someone called Hermann Conan uploaded two unreleased tapes to Facebook. One of them was the raw and unmixed version of Dauði Baldrs with 3 previously unreleased Electronic/Darkwave style songs. The other was a demo tape containing some of the instrumental rehearsals from Varg's Uruk-hai days in the early 90s which were given to Mr. Conan by producer Eirik "Pytten" Hundvin himself.

Here is the raw Dauði Baldrs tape, originally uploaded to Facebook and YouTube:

And here is the unreleased material tape, originally uploaded to Facebook and YouTube:

According to the official Instagram page, "All of these tapes are one-offs and are now being used for the releases announced where it'll be the first time these are heard in their full quality."

The artwork for "Burzum / Uruk-Hai - Unreleased Material 1988-1994"

The artwork for "Burzum / Uruk-Hai - Unreleased Material 1988-1994"

The artwork for "Balder's Dod"

The artwork for "Balder's Dod"

The material on the second vinyl has some interesting songs, like the original metal version of Móti Ragnarǫkum, and some cool Ambient / Electronic songs recorded between 1988 and 1994. There are also a couple of raw, instrumental versions of some songs that ended up on the Belus full-length.

It's mentioned that the limited edition vinyl version of this release has gatefold which contains details about the releases as well as comments from Varg Vikernes himself.

For more info and pre-orders, visit:

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good shit

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