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The new EP is titled "Perennial", and features two new tracks, one of which serves as an epilogue to the band's very first song.

Sojourner release new mini EP

Atmospheric Black Metal band SwedenNew Zealand Sojourner have just released a brand new mini EP today through Napalm Records. The EP features just two new songs, "Relics of the Natural Realm" and the title track "Perennial", however the band makes it clear that this is still a landmark release for them, carrying some sentimental value along with it. Vocalist Emilio Crespo comments:

"Relics of the Natural Realm" is symbolic as a sort of epilogue to "Heritage of the Natural Realm". With the latter being our first song ever and the beginning for us, this new sequel marks a new beginning for the band. One that we are super excited for!

Check out "Relics of the Natural Realm" here:

Mike Lamb, the mastermind behind Sojourner, elaborated further:

When I approached the songwriting for this mini EP I wanted to do something special that encompassed both where we began and where we are today, because while we've grown and changed over the last 6 years we still have the same passion and vision for the band that brought us together initially.

I approached both the songwriting and recording for this EP in the same way that I did on Empires of Ash and The Shadowed Road, even down to recording all of the instruments back in New Zealand again for the first time since we began, in the same room where I wrote 'Heritage of the Natural Realm' in 2015.

It also seemed like a fitting time to do something that sat somewhere between a reinterpretation of 'Heritage...' and a sequel of sorts for the second EP track, 'Relics of the Natural Realm', bringing our 2015 beginnings full circle back to where we are now and the band that we've evolved into in 2021. This is reflected in the cover art, again by our good friend Jordan Grimmer who did the original Empires of Ash cover, showing the meeting of Sojourner both past and present.

We couldn't be happier with our incredibly talented new members, both of who turned in absolutely beautiful vocal performances, and we're so excited about the bright future ahead for the band.

The title track, "Perennial", was already made available for listening on the 26th of April:

And for context, here is the original "Heritage of the Natural Realm" song, from 2015:

"Perennial" was recorded, produced and engineered by Mike Lamb at Oneiros Studio in New Zealand, while the EP's artwork was desiged by American artist Jordan Grimmer, who's style you might recognize from the last three United Kingdom Dwarrowdelf albums (or you may otherwise notice the parallels to the cover art of Sojourner's debut, "Empires of Ash"). Here's a closer look:

Sojourner Perennial

You can get your hands on a physical copy through the Napalm Records store here, or if you prefer digital format, you can choose from the usual selection here.

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