Posted by Imperator on September 2nd, 2012

In our first Black Metal poll, we asked you which was your favourite overall style or sub-genre of Black Metal. Well, after 200 votes, we have closed the poll, and the results are the following:

Pagan / Viking / Folk: 26.0% (52 votes)

Thrash / Death / Second Wave: 18.5% (37 votes)

Old School / Punk / First Wave: 17.5% (35 votes)

Epic / Symphonic / Orchestral: 16.0% (32 votes)

Ambient / Atmospheric / Doom: 14.0% (28 votes)

Industrial / Electronic / Noise: 8.0% (16 votes)

Pagan / Viking / Folk Black Metal is notably the most popular style at the moment among our userbase.

If you haven't noticed, we have already opened a brand new poll. This time around, we ask you Which is the country that has provided you with the majority of your favourite Black Metal albums?.

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