Posted by Imperator on 22nd November, 2012
Throne of Malediction / Irreverant Soul release split album

U.S Black Metal band Throne of Malediction have just released a new split album with the band's side-project Irreverant Soul.

The new release is titled "Rites", and the first five tracks are a preview of sorts for Throne of Malediction's upcoming second full length album, titled "Out of Darkness Comes Light" and scheduled to be released in early 2013. Also worth mentioning are the Candlemass cover by Throne of Malediction, the Sepultura cover by Irreverant Soul, and last but not least a collaboration with Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest fame on the track "What Will Never Be".

"Rites" is available for free download to the general public through Creative Commons, meaning it can be copied and shared for non-commercial purposes:

Click here to download "Rites" via Bandcamp.

The complete tracklist for "Rites" is as follows:

  1. Throne of Malediction - Born of Innocence
  2. Throne of Malediction - A Burden of Ages
  3. Throne of Malediction - Not Meant for Me
  4. Throne of Malediction - What Will Never Be - (Featuring Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forest)
  5. Throne of Malediction - The Circle
  6. Throne of Malediction - Solitude - (Candlemass cover)
  7. Throne of Malediction - The Sins Within
  8. Throne of Malediction - Sweet Sorrow - (Demo)
  9. Irreverant Soul - Waltz of the Macabre
  10. Irreverant Soul - From What Is Dead
  11. Irreverant Soul - Moonlight and Death
  12. Irreverant Soul - Troops of Doom - (Sepultura cover)
  13. Irreverant Soul - Grief

You can also listen to "Rites" through the band's Bandcamp profile:

Throne Of Malediction was formed by Eric Horner and Jessica Horner in 2006 in Montana, although they relocated to Visalia, California in 2012. To date their only releases are an untitled EP in 2009 and their debut full length album, titled "Ceremonial Blood", released in 2010. Irreverant Soul is the band's side-project featuring Jessica Horner on vocals.

To find out more about Throne of Malediction and Irreverant Soul make sure you check out their profiles on the following networks:

Throne of Malediction @ Bandcamp
Throne of Malediction @ Reverbnation
Throne of Malediction @ Facebook
Throne of Malediction @ YouTube
Throne of Malediction @ Myspace
Irreverant Soul @ Reverbnation

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the release of the Throne of Malediction's upcoming second full length album, titled "Out of Darkness Comes Light", and scheduled to be released in early 2013.

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