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U.S. Black Metal band Von are streaming their latest full length, "Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves", online in its entirety.

Von's new full length album streaming online

U.S. Black Metal band Von have just released their second full length album, which is titled "Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves". The album was released on the 22nd of March, only six months after the release of their first full length, "Satanic Blood". That said, "Satanic Blood" consisted of many songs which the band had already written for their 1992 demo (also titled "Satanic Blood"), so this new album is practically the band's first release to feature entirely new material in 21 years.

The album was released through the bands proprietary label, Von Records, features the following track list:

  1. They Have Come
  2. Ancient Flesh of the Dark Gods
  3. Hands of Black Death
  4. Dark Gods
  6. DevilWhore
  7. iAmInHuMan
  8. RawRot
  9. Black Eyes

This is great news for all Von fans, especially those who may have been somewhat disappointed with the "Satanic Blood" full length. Even better news is that this album is the first of a planned "Dark Gods" trilogy. Still even better news is the fact that the entire album is being streamed online at the band's Bandcamp profile:

The album is currently available in three editions:

  • Digital download for 9.00 $
  • Digital download + Shirt for 19.50 $ (limited to 100)
  • Digital download + Audio CD + 12x12 inch booklet + 2 posters A2 for 19.50 $ (limited to 500)

All three editions are accessible via Von's Bandcamp Profile.

To celebrate the album's release, Von will soon be performing a tour of Europe in June titled "Ritual of the Black Mass European Tour 2013", with the following confirmed dates:

June 19th: Schacht1 - Oberhausen, Germany
June 20th: Baroeg - Rotterdam, Netherlands
June 21st: DNA - Brussels, Belgium
June 22nd: Dokkum Open Air - Dokkum, Netherlands
June 23rd: The Garage - London, UK
June 28th: An Club - Athens, Greece
June 29th: Tuska Open Air - Helsinki, Finland
July 6th: UTBS - Berlin, Germany

More dates to be added in the coming weeks, so check for updates.

Source: Von

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raw stuff there

‹‹ #2 ›› By gggggg on Nov 19th, 2017 @ 1:28 GMT


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