Posted by Imperator on September 24th, 2012
Watain to release vinyls in box set

Season of Mist has recently announced that they will soon be releasing a limited edition box set of Watain's four full length albums on vinyl, with three of the albums featuring an exclusive bonus track, as well as banners, patches, and all the usual extensive merchandise that is included in box sets.

Additionally, the reissues will come in different colours compared to the original vinyl releases of the albums, and the box itself is made of beech wood and leather, with the band's logo imprinted. The release date is set for the 16th of November.

The trackvlists for the four vinyl reissues of Watain's albums are as follows:

Rabid Death's Curse (2000)

  1. The Limb Crucifix
  2. Rabid Death's Curse
  3. On Horns Impaled
  4. Life Dethroned
  5. Walls of Life Ruptured
  6. Agony Fires
  7. Angelrape
  8. Mortem Sibi Consciscere
  9. The Essence of Black Purity (Bonus track)

Casus Luciferi (2003)

  1. Devil's Blood
  2. Black Salvation
  3. Opus Dei (The Morbid Angel)
  4. Puzzles of the Flesh
  5. I Am the Earth
  6. The Golden Horns of Darash
  7. From the Pulpits of Abomination
  8. Casus Luciferi
  9. Watain (Von cover - Live bonus track)

Sworn To The Dark (2006)

  1. Legions of the Black Light
  2. Satan's Hunger
  3. Withershins
  4. Storm of the Antichrist
  5. The Light that Burns the Sun
  6. Sworn to the Dark
  7. Underneath the Cenotaph
  8. The Serpent's Chalice
  9. Darkness and Death
  10. Dead but Dreaming
  11. Stellarvore

Lawless Darkness (2010)

  1. Death's Cold Dark
  2. Malfeitor
  3. Reaping Death
  4. Four Thrones
  5. Wolves Curse
  6. Lawless Darkness
  7. Total Funeral
  8. Hymn to Qayin
  9. Kiss of Death
  10. Waters of Ain
  11. Chains of Death (Death SS cover - Bonus track)

The box set, which is limited to 1,000 copies, will be available on the 16th of November, and you can pre-order it from the Official Season of Mist Online Store, with a current price of 109.00 €.

Source: Season of Mist
2 Comments for 'Watain to release vinyls in box set'
‹‹ #1 ›› By Warrek on Sep 24th, 2012 @ 13:17 GMT

Cheaper than expected actually. Don't think i'll buy it tho..

‹‹ #2 ›› By Merc on Sep 27th, 2012 @ 18:07 GMT

i love boxed sets

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