Posted by Imperator on 3rd September, 2012
Which is your favourite Black Metal scene?

We have just closed our first Black Metal poll where we asked you Which is your favourite subgenre of Black Metal?. Without diving into specifics too early on, our second poll also follows a simple theme: Which is your favourite regional Black Metal scene?. In other words, which country has provided you with the majority of your favourite Black Metal albums?

You can find the poll on the right-hand side of the front page just underneath the Recommended Album box, or on any news page, including this one, just underneath the Latest News & Articles.

While obviously almost every country has a variety of Black Metal bands to offer, this poll is directed at the most prolific regional scenes. If one were to go through their collection of Black Metal albums, one of the following countries would result as the most prevalent:


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Click here to view our list of the best Brazilian Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Canadian Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Finnish Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best French Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best German Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Greek Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Dutch Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Italian Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Japanese Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Norwegian Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Polish Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Russian Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Swedish Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Swiss Black Metal albums »

United Kingdom

Click here to view our list of the best British Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best U.S. Black Metal albums »


Click here to view our list of the best Ukrainian Black Metal albums »

While some may consider Norway as the clear favourites, having provided too many classic Black Metal albums to mention, it will certainly be given a run for it's money for first place with the likes of France and Germany with their impressive output ratio of high-quality Black Metal albums in recent years, not to mention the likes of Sweden, Finland, and the U.S, who have a more-than-dedicated fanbase. Perhaps an underdog such as Greece, Poland or Australia will surprise everyone?

If your favourite scene isn't included in our poll, just vote the "Other" option and you can leave a comment specifying which country it is and which of your favourite albums are from said country.

3 Comments for 'Which is your favourite Black Metal scene?'
#1 - By Brandan on 3rd September, 2012 @ 9:42 GMT

USA! USA! no , I actually voted for Germany =D so many great albums that I love

#2 - By Gammy Legs on 5th September, 2012 @ 1:42 GMT

norway all the way

#3 - By Sam Middleton on 18th June, 2013 @ 12:44 GMT

with bands like Chaosweaver, Oranssi Pauzuzu, Teloch, Shade Empire, Soulfallen, Beherit, Behexen, Baptism, Alghazanth, Arthemesia, Chthonian, Coprolith, Gloria Morti, Mythos, Omegathrum Moon, Black Crucifixion, Ancestors Blood, Blood Red Fog, is in Finland where i am given a wonderful diverse listening experience of black metal, one which i am most favourable of.

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